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We Travel Straight to You

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to leave in the middle of a workday. At EZ Ledger, we come straight to your office  electronically so you don’t have to travel, which maximizes your dollars. We either work with the existing QuickBooks on your computer system or load your data onto ours if you don’t have QuickBooks in your office.

We Save You Money

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you are – or should be – an expert in accounting or bookkeeping. And yet, without applying generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to your cash flow, budgets, credit and general business plan, you could be losing money in a variety of ways: overpaying taxes, paying penalties and fees due to tax underpayments, accumulating excessive inventory, setting yourself up for cash shortfalls, failing to achieve the best terms for your credit with well-kept records, regular reports, and a clear understanding of your current financial position, you are simply much less likely to make costly errors.

“Yolanda Shebert, owner of EZ Ledger, has been doing all of our bookkeeping functions since 2013. This includes making sure the sale taxes and insurance are paid on time, and doing special analyses and projects as necessary. She has put us on a bookkeeping program that I can understand. This enables me to focus on my core areas and keep us in business during a tough economy. I recommend A Reliable Bookkeeping Service without hesitation.” Coach Denise Further

We keep our prices absolutely affordable. We want our services to be accessible to every business owner.

We free you and your staff. Without an outside or dedicated bookkeeper, you likely need to assign bookkeeping duties to your office manager or administrative assistant. This not only takes them away from activities more directly related to your bottom line, it also means you need to keep them up-to-date in QuickBooks so they can perform their accounting duties well. That means an investment in labor, training, and software. EZ Ledger, Inc can eliminate those costs.

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