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Yolanda is a joy. She absolutely approaches my business—and my finances—as if she were a business partner and not “just a vendor.” The result? A level of trust that can’t be beat!

Randall Kenneth Jones, MindZoo

At Get Efficient we are focused on efficiencies. The team at EZLedger truly makes us more Efficient!. As a small business owner, I wear many hats and it is very difficult to keep up. EZLedger takes one of those hats off my head so I can focus on growing my business. Thank you EZLedger.

Brandie Fennell Duncan, Get Efficient

After having a long established bookkeeper for many, many years I had to go through the difficult process of finding a new bookkeeper that is trustworthy and highly capable. As a sole proprietor, it is very stressful especially in this time were electronic fraud is terrifyingly prevalent.

Yolanda and I met, and I could not be more pleased with her services. She is prompt, communicative, available, pleasant, professional and efficient. She got up to speed very quickly. Her team member Kathy is equally terrific. Thanks for being so trustworthy and all your great work Yolanda!


Our law firm has been working with Yolanda at EZ Ledger, Inc. for over two and a half years. All her work is timely completed and I can always depend on accurate bookkeeping. My clients are happy with predictable billing, and I am happy that I can concentrate on growing my practice without having to worry about the behind-the-scenes bookkeeping functions that keep me flowing smoothly. I highly recommend EZ Ledger to anyone who asks.

We have been a client of EZ Ledger for the last 5 years and we been very impressed with the service we’ve received. Yolanda really seems to understand our business, very reliable and helpful with doing our book-keeping. Highly recommended.

We started with EZ Ledger in late 2015. We new NOTHING about QuickBooks when we started with Yolanda. She set aside the time for a training session with us. Thank goodness Yolanda is very patient as I am still learning as I go. What sets her apart from others, is that she is always available for questions either through email or a phone call. For me, that is a very important asset. Her knowledge is vast, she is very professional, and we feel very confident having her as a part of the Dogs Love Kale team!!

I made a series of mistakes two years ago. First I hired someone to help install QuickBooks online and do our bookkeeping for us. Short version, it was a disaster. Oh, and before this we did our own bookkeeping with a series of staff members and myself (Company owner). We cried enough tears to float a rather large boat. Next, we hired someone who was a self declared “expert”.

This someone had worked for the biggest companies in America in top level positions and held every possible position going all the way upto comproller of the companies. I even had this so called expert talk to my CPA. CPA said this person was good. Really good. Eight months later my CPA was telling me that while this person was good on the phone (Sounds too good to be true?) they mixed up accounts, had created all kinds of imbalances and it was so bad that pretty much my entire years bookkeeping had to be done over again. (Yes, the sound you hear is a grown man crying).

The good news is that the sound of crying you hear is “happy tears”. Yolanda took over our books after the previous person created a financial disaster. She cleaned up the entire mess. I swear the QuickBooks program even smiled at me today … and then winked. My QuickBooks has never been happier. And neither have I.

We love Yolanda!

Steven Nunnally,

We live in a world lately of time and importance. EZ ledger understands this fact of life and has never let us down. When items that have time sensitive deadlines and even routine book work they have always been met. As a business owner or manager these details are very important to you. We have total confidence in the EZ Ledger team and trust them with our duties, which enables us to focus on growing and expanding our company. You really can’t ask for anything more in a company you work with on a monthly basis. I always know they have us covered.

Sticky Holsters Inc.